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Event Spotlight

Building a Successful Leadership Coaching Practice

Date: Feb 18 from 4:00-5:30pm
In this 90-minute Leadership session, Jenn Lofgren will share her personal journey to building Incito Executive & Leadership Development. Learn what it takes to create a sustainable, strong coaching business and why clients choose to work with Incito and refer clients to them again and again.

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Opportunities You Won't Want to Miss Out On

Building a Successful Leadership Coaching Practice

February 18 from 4:00 - 5:30pm


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Chapter News

Membership Update

Welcome to all our NEW and RETURNING ICF Calgary Chapter Members!
I am happy to report that we closed 2020 with a total of 333 amazing members! We welcomed many new coaches to our Chapter and we are looking forward to seeing all of you at an event soon! We know that our newer coaches and our more senior coaches are looking forward to the many learning opportunities and networking events in store this year. Be sure to check out our website to stay up to date on all chapter details, register for events, and let us know if you have any questions or feedback at any time. We want to hear from you!

Please like and follow us on FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest news and events, to help spread the word about our initiatives, and help to raise awareness of our amazing coaching community

Susan McGuire, Membership Director, ICF Calgary

Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunity to Give Back through Pro Bono Coaching

The ICF Calgary chapter is seeking 8 volunteer coaches to lend their time and expertise in coaching University of Calgary undergraduates on March 31st, 2021 from 11am – 2:15pm. Interested? Please email Greg McLeod at [email protected] for more details or to secure your spot! 

Greg McLeod, Director at Large, ICF Calgary

Message from our President

Change Ahead!

I lived in Wuhan, China during SARS so COVID-19 has some familiarity to me. Wuhan, a city of 9 million, was shut down overnight for weeks. The streets were literally empty!

Living in China for two years was an amazing adventure! One of the things I remember reading about living cross-culturally was the roller coaster ride of the excitement of everything being new one minute and feelings of frustration and loneliness the next. I also learned that the return home can be more difficult because living cross-culturally changes you. When one returns home, as a changed person, it can be more disorienting to reintegrate because of how you have changed.

What if the cultural adjustment curve will be like our adjustment to COVID-19? We are still a long way off, but the return to normal is coming. I suspect our return to normal is going to have ups and downs and could be more challenging than we are expecting.

Celebration: In the first phase of return we will love giving hugs, meeting at coffee shops and bars without fear and having people over to our house again.

Adjustment: Phase two will be the new normal which will not be the old normal. It is projected that one in six businesses could be gone. Our loss of loved ones, health and financial impact will not be gone. Many of us will have new ways of working and our life will not necessarily go back to pre-COVID.

New Normal: Our new normal may have more fear around public health. The financial impact will need to be reconciled. The loss of businesses and industries that have shrunk will have to find new ways forward. The next generation of teens and young adults are going to have a different experience and perspective on the world compared to pre-COVID.

As coaches, how can we help people for upcoming hills and valleys of change? Here are some questions that might help:

  • How has your resiliency through COVID-19 prepared you for a new world?
  • Where have you connected with hope and joy through COVID-19?
  • What has changed about you because of COVID-19 that you are grateful for?

More change is coming, and the world needs more coach approaches. Coach on!

Ed Temple, President, ICF Calgary Chapter


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