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Opportunities You Won't Want to Miss Out On

Day with the Master’s 2020
Save the dates! 

October 16, 2020 @ 9:00am - 12:30pm
Featuring: Hugh Evans
Personal Values in Times of Change and Transition


October 23, 2020 @9:00am - 1:00pm
Kara Exner & Melissa Casey
Leveraging Changemakers’ Mindsets for our VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) World

Zoom Webinars

Look out for more details coming this month!


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Chapter Updates

A Message from our new President, Ed Temple:

Greetings on behalf of your ICF Calgary Chapter Board. I am excited to begin this year with a full slate of Board members. We have a great group who are passionate about coaching and serving our members and seeing some great progression for our chapter this year. 

We are all experiencing incredible amounts of disruption during COVID-19. Many of us have lost billable work, jobs, embracing loved ones and so much more. We all have friends, family and colleagues that have been massively impacted. So how can a coach respond?  I am grateful for watching so many of our coaches on LinkedIn and being encouraged by our great community. Here are the highlights I have gained from a coach approach to crisis:

  1. Embrace vulnerability! It’s okay to not be okay!
  2. Connect with others! Reach out and connect virtually! 
  3. See the possible! Watch the innovators and follow them!
  4. Learn, adjust, repeat! Learn, adjust, repeat!
  5. Be hopeful! Always, always, always hope!

One way I have experienced this crisis was participating in the Global Leadership Forum for ICF Global (for all Presidents of local chapters) as a virtual offering instead of being together physically. We had this experience, over 2 months. Here are my takeaways from the sessions:

  1. There are chapters around the world doing some incredible things – we have much to learn!
  2. ICF Global needs ICF Calgary to be a leader, be innovative and bring value to our global community – where can we step out and bring value to impact beyond Calgary?
  3. The world needs more coaching! We need to be more collaborative, passionate, and effective in telling the story of coaching!

Finally, I cannot let this opportunity pass without acknowledging and commenting on #blacklivesmatter. I am not alone in being appalled, shocked, heartbroken and furious with what we witnessed with the tragic murder of George Floyd. The floodgates have been open for change and as professional coaches, we can not stand by to let this moment pass. How could our relationships embrace the opportunity for change? For me, I am acknowledging my privilege and I am sharing stories of how I see #blacklivesmatter changing corporate culture. How we will use our influence to create long-overdue change?

Ed Temple, President, ICF Calgary Chapter

Email: [email protected] 

The Diane Bonneau Scholarship: Enhance your Coaching Development!

The Diane Bonneau scholarship was established in 2015 as a legacy to recognize Diane Bonneau’s (MCC, PMC) incredible contribution to local, regional and global coaching communities.  A strong supporter of coach development and training herself, this scholarship is to support the ongoing professional development of member coaches to expand their knowledge around core coaching competencies and related areas of study.  

Each year, a $500 scholarship is to be awarded to an ICF Calgary Chapter member to invest in their professional development through an identified course, training, or other professional development opportunities.  As the scholarship was not awarded in 2019, the ICF Calgary Chapter Board has approved a one time increase of the scholarship for 2020 to $1000!  

Submissions will open in September and the scholarship will be awarded in November/December for training in 2021.  This is an incredible opportunity to research some programs over the summer and to invest in your professional development.  Watch for submission guidelines in the September newsletter!

Membership Update: July Membership Renewal

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to impact how we all live and work, the ICF Credentials and Standards Global Board has approved three temporary measures to support coaches on their professional development journey while continuing to ensure the highest standards for the credentialing process.

These changes went into effect April 9, 2020, and will remain in place through December 31, 2020.

For more information regarding the temporary changes to credentialing and membership benefits visit the ICF Global website here:  https://coachfederation.org/credential-updates

Join your Calgary Chapter coaching community on Facebook or Twitter.  We are here to answer your questions, receive your feedback, and keep you current.    

ICF Global Updates

If you haven’t already done so, renew your membership, and if you are a new member, remember to indicate Calgary as your chapter. A percentage of your fees to ICF Global is sent to ICF Calgary and used by the Chapter to benefit you, the members

Susan McGuire, Membership Director, ICF Calgary

Upcoming Events

July:  July 24, 2020: Come out for our summer “Walk and Talk” gathering. We are meeting at 8:45 am in front of the Seasons restaurant in Bowness Park to enjoy the company and conversation of our fellow coaching community members. We would love to hear your ideas on fostering community and get your thoughts on navigating events during these uncertain times. We will start the walk at 9 am and cover the Bowness Baker Park Loop (4.3km). There are picnic tables and sites where we can stop for snacks along the way. To ensure we are meeting Alberta Health guidelines, please bring your own snacks. Follow the ICF Calgary FB Page for more information. 

Nov: Join us for our 3rd session of “Behind the Curtain: Coaching Secrets From Those Who Know”. The speakers, date and topic will be announced in our next newsletter. 

Julie Sexsmith, Programs Director, ICF Calgary


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Board Updates


It has been a joy and an amazing opportunity to lead the ICF Calgary Charter Chapter for an additional six months. I am guided by this Brene Brown quote:

“We don’t have to do it all alone. We were never meant to.” – Rising Strong

Your ICF Calgary Board of Directors is focused together in providing the best possible service to our members and partners and remains dedicated to our purpose and strategic direction. It has truly been a pleasure to lead and learn from this inspiring group of Coach Leaders. 

I’d like to thank outgoing Directors (Meeja Jalandoni, Communications, Karen Sadler, Secretary and Volunteers, Sidney Craig Courtice, Director at Large: Member Engagement and Rabee Alwan, External Relations) for their time, commitment and leadership to the ICF Calgary Chapter.

I would also like to welcome the new ICF Calgary Board of Directors. I know that their passion and commitment will lead the Chapter in a continuing, rich journey!

As the global health pandemic continues to affect us, many of us are looking forward to safe opportunities to be present together. The ICF Calgary Board of Directors continues to monitor and discuss the implications for us as a Chapter. We plan to have an online presence continuing into the fall at least.

Your New ICF Calgary Charter Chapter Directors

This slate was approved by the membership of the ICF Calgary Charter Chapter at the AGM on June 11, 2020.



Length of Term


Ed Temple

June 2021

Vice President

Jim Jenkinson

June 2022


Angela Braun

June 2021, then President to June 2022

Program Director

Julie Sexsmith

June 2021

Membership Director

Susan McGuire

June 2021

Secretary, Volunteer Director

Birte Kuhn

June 2021


Marcia Benko

June 2021

Director, Communication 

Larae Pierson

June 2022

Special Events Director 


June 2022

External Relations Director

Greg MacDonald

June 2022

Member at Large

Greg McLeod

June 2022


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Tina Della Vedova on June 25, 2020.  Tina was present at the AGM and has stepped forward to fill the position of Special Events Director.  Welcome, Tina, and all Directors.  

Kerry Black –Past President, ICF Calgary

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Volunteer Opportunities

Are you looking to build a community? Become active and get to know some really nice people? Connect with and belong to a group of like-minded individuals all excited to bring professional coaching to Calgary?

We’d love to connect with you so you can share your talents with us!

Contact Birte Kuhn at [email protected] and learn more about how to get involved!

Why Join Us? Are you interested in connecting to a community of like-minded professionals who set the standard for the coaching profession in Calgary? Do you like meeting new people and building a network within the coaching community? Would you like to learn alongside other coaches and contribute to their development? You might want to work with the Volunteer sub-committee!

What will I do? We welcome coaches to the ICF Calgary Chapter and connect them with opportunities to build their network and stand out in their field. We celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of coaches in our community and find ways to make a difference through collaborating with other professional bodies! You will work with the Volunteer Director and our Virtual Assistant, so you won’t be working alone.

How much time do I commit? Most of the work is flexible to work with your availability.  We use the phone and video conferencing to stay connected to our volunteers and sub-committees and match volunteers with events and opportunities. We’d love for you to help us reach out to find new opportunities for us to serve in Calgary! 

Committees looking for immediate volunteers: Programs, Membership, Communications

Birte Kuhn, Volunteer Director, ICF Calgary

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Coaching Could Be the Key to Get More Canadians Moving!

85% of Canadians are not physically active enough to effectively prevent and treat many chronic conditions and therefore, reducing their quality of life. Prescription To Get Active (RxTGA) is a connector between primary care and recreation/fitness that promotes a specialized prescription to help Canadians become more active.

RxTGA is implementing an Activity Coaching service to ensure that each client who registers for our program receives access to a qualified coach to help them navigate their new physical activity journey. If you are requiring volunteer hours to support your certification or looking to potentially increase the enrollment in your coaching practice, our program may be able to fulfill your needs. 

For more information on how you can get involved as an Activity Coach, please contact Jeff Tareta, Program Director of RxTGA at [email protected] or call 587-896-6929.

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For inquiries, please visit our website at icfcalgarychapter.com/Sponsors_and_Advertisers or email [email protected]


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