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Announcing the slate for the 2020 Board of Directors

You will shortly be receiving an e-mail regarding the proxy vote for the 2019 ICF Calgary Board of Directors and it is very important that you take action if you are unable to attend the meeting on November 28 when the election will take place. This only takes a minute but ensures a smooth transition to the 2020 Board of Directors.  A quorum of members is required to vote in order for the election to be valid. If you are uncertain if you will be attending on election night, don’t worry about voting twice if you do attend.  The votes will be cross-checked. Thank you for completing this process.

Kerry Black
ICF Calgary Charter Chapter 2019 President   


ICF Calgary bylaws stipulate that members vote to accept or reject the full proposed slate. A member may also choose to contest a specific position on the slate, and if a position is challenged in this way, members vote on that position separately. Your proxy is a vote for both the proposed slate of candidates and for any positions which may be challenged.  


If you think you may not be attending on November 28th,you have two choices for designating someone to vote on your behalf.
Option #1:
With their prior permission, you can name another member who will be attending on November 28 to vote for you.  If you select this option, please send an email now to [email protected] specifying in the subject line who you have designated to vote on your behalf. Please use the wording below in the email indicating the name of the members you are designating to vote on your behalf.
By submitting  this email to the ICF Calgary Virtual Assistant, I appoint _________________________ (enter attending member’s name) to vote on my behalf in the 2018 Board of Directors election to be held November 28 2019
Option #2:
If you do not provide another member’s name, you will be designating the current President or Vice President to vote on your behalf. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] with the below wording to indicate this choice.
Having not designated another member, I appoint President, Kerry Black to vote for the 2019 Board of Directors on my behalf. I understand that if the President votes on my behalf, she will vote in favour of the proposed slate, and vote on any contested position according to her best judgment.

We are pleased to have the following 2019 Board Members returning for 2020 to complete the second year of their term.  These positions do not require an election for 2020

Communications Director -Ma. Josefina Jalandoni
Director of External Relations - Rabee Alwan
Special Events Director - Alison Stutz
Secretary/Volunteer Director - Karen Sadler

Sidney Craig Courtice will remain in the role of Director at Large and Jacklynn Holmes will take the role of President after having completed 1 year as President-Elect. These positions do not require an election.

After careful review of all nominated members, the Nomination Committee puts forward to the membership the following slate for election to the Board positions opening for 2019

Position Nominee Name
Membership Director Susan McGuire
President-Elect Edward Temple
Treasurer Marcia Benko
Co-Director Programs (1 year) Open
Vice President Open


We will also be accepting nominations from the floor at the General Meeting on November 28th. If you wish to put yourself forward for an open position you must be in attendance at the General Meeting as we will need an opportunity to engage. We will start at 5 pm with the slate and then take nominations from the floor.

Many thanks go to my fellow member of this year's Nomination Committee,  Sherry Matheson, for assembling a high calibre of nominees from among our membership and for your careful and thoughtful decision making in selecting the slate.

If you have any questions regarding the nomination process, please feel free to contact me.

Lisa Rapley
Chair, 2020 ICF Calgary Charter Chapter Nomination Committee

[email protected]