Behind the Scenes in The Relationship Coaches Biz and a Sneak Peek at the 3 Secrets to a Thriving Relationship

May 19, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Zoom Webinar

Calgary, AB

International Coaching Week invites you to The Power of Coaching / Something for Everyone!

Join The Relationship Coaches for a look into a private coaching practice, the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and a sneak peek at their signature masterclass where you will learn:

- How to Cut Through the Noise in your head and from those around you so that you can trust YOURSELF and embrace your TRUE desires - instead of second guessing and trying to live out all the "shoulds" you feel.
The Simple Trick to destroy the biggest communication blocks in your relationship.

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Our facilitators: 


An eternal optimist, a motivator, a disrupter, a proud mom of 3, a certified coach (CTI), sister, daughter, friend, and a wannabe rebel from way back! Lisa’s adventurous spirit has taken her from a remote village in the Philippines, to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, to wrangling on a dude ranch. Everywhere she goes, the common thread of joy is the people she connects with along the way.

Lisa has been building relationships, her own and others, from the time she entered the world. When Lisa discovered coaching as a profession, she knew instantly she had found the thing she was meant to do.

Lisa believes in freedom, real conversations, connection, curiosity, and spicy foods. She gets lit up when clients overcome their biggest challenges, embrace their own unique gifts, and finally learn how to stand up for themselves in their relationships by clearly asking for what they want and need.


A recovering accountant (CPA, CA), lover of people, certified coach (CTI) to many, mama of three, partner to an amazing man, a daughter, a sister, a bad-ass business lady and the friend who can bust out a killer charcuterie board anytime and anywhere.

Relationships are her life and while a single one doesn’t define her, the whole lot of them together have shaped who she has become. Lindsay is passionate about continually working on her relationships and helping others with theirs.

Lindsay loves food, giving gifts, parties, adventures and trying new things. What really brings her joy is making people realize their own amazingness and being the catalyst of change and transformation in their lives. She is dedicated to getting people into the driver’s seat of their lives, instead of just being along for the ride!!

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