About Us

The Calgary Chapter is a not-for-profit, professional organization of personal and business coaches

We are the local chapter of The International Coach Federation, the largest worldwide resource for business and personal coaches, that exists to Build, Support and Preserve the integrity of the coaching profession. We are operated by a volunteer Board of Directors.

You can expect us to:

  • Align with ICF Global, especially the Code of Ethics

  • Provide opportunities to network and develop relationships

  • Identify resources used to be a better coach

  • Offer educational opportunities which develop professional knowledge and skills

  • Engage in outreach activities which provide a service and expand the community’s awareness of the coaching profession

  • Provide a forum where members can discuss issues of professional concern

  • Provide the opportunity for members to collaborate in providing resources and solutions to their clients (e.g., Communities of Practice)

  • Provide a credible source of information and resources for the coaching profession

  • Provide a registry for our member coaches

  • Help clients find a coach


While we have regular programming throughout the year, by far our hallmark event has become our annual Day With The Masters, usually held in October.


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Coaches who have joined ICF Global can benefit further by joining the Calgary Chapter.

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A word from our President, Kerry Black

January 2019 – ICF is “Leading into the Future”

ICF Membership grows—

30,000 members from 140 countries

Credential milestone last year: 20,000 ICF Credential-holders

Chapters added —

Bahrain, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Arkansas-Oklahoma, and North Florida

Currently have 131 chapters and charter chapters in more than 75 countries

Compared to March, 2016: 125 chapters in 60 countries

Regional Advisory Councils (RAC’s) develop to

Act as a bridge between ICF Chapters and Global (ICF-Calgary participated in a very productive working session as part of the North America Western Region RAC in Warsaw)

Work to create synergy within regions and offer guidance on how to best serve members in local communities

ICF Global Leaders Meet and Strategize—

First year in 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia: 170 leaders from 56 countries

March 2017 in Warsaw, Poland: 203 leaders from 68 countries 

Strategic Plan to Expand the Scope and Influence of ICF by—

Establishing a Thought Leadership Institute to capture what coaching is today and inform our decisions for the future

Expanding activities of the ICF Foundation

Creating offerings for organizations and corporations building coaching cultures

The year ahead proves to be exciting and interesting. You have elected a talented and amazing 2019-2020 Board, who are focused on representing and leading our coaching community.

Whether you are an executive coach, life coach, leadership coach, or specialized in a particular client niche and practice area, we hope that you will join and participate with the network of coaches in the Calgary area.

We welcome your feedback and participation in the activities of the Chapter.  Consider joining one of our volunteer committees and add your skills to our Board team.

Our four overarching objectives:

Reaching out to our membership

  • Provide compelling programming

  • Understand our membership

  • Create a new website

  • Expand volunteer opportunities

Reaching out to the community

  • New website

  • Enhanced partnerships

  • Coaching week (May 2016)

Reaching out to one another as board members

  • Collaboration and support

  • Infrastructure and resources

reaching out to the wider ICF community

  • Partner with ICF global

  • Partner with ICF Western Region Advisory Council