Why Volunteer?
Be a part of the conversation!

Calgary Chapter Community

Courtesy of ICF Headquarters

Our community is driven by volunteers. The objectives of the chapter cannot be achieved without creating an environment that is valuable to our community of coaches.

By working together, we build a forum for professional growth and development starting from an interest in understanding what coaching is, attaining certification, to continuing education for senior coaches.  A mix of coaching experience and areas of focus provide for a rich opportunity to learn from each other.


Make a difference

Volunteer opportunities vary in levels of commitment and effort in order to provide various ways to participate and give back. We are looking for various skills and strengths throughout the year that contribute to our goals and events.

Stay Connected

Whether you work on a team or as an individual coach with your own practice, volunteering provides an opportunity to engage with fellow practitioners and build relationships. The comradery and teamwork of working towards common goals and objectives is a rewarding way to connect.