Sponsors and Advertisers

If your organization offers services, programs or products of direct interest to professional coaches, advertising with the ICF Calgary Charter Chapter may be of value to you.

Here are three ways for you to promote your business with us:


We have hundreds of member coaches that come to our website regularly to find out about events and to access other information.

Advertising on icfcalgarychapter.com can be a great way to get your message out.


We have an extensive mailing list of coaches and other interested individuals to whom we send regular email updates.

Ads can be placed in a single issue or in a series of newsletters to increase readership.


Each year we host keynote speakers and one or two day conferences that present partnership and sponsorship opportunities for businesses and associations interested in professional coaching or related fields such as leadership development, human resource services and career planning.

Format for Advertisments

Advertisements should be designed to attract the interest of readers, and have them click a link to visit a website for more information on the event, program or product being promoted.

Ads should be limited to 125 words, and can include one or more links. An illustration or photograph may also be included in a standard format such as jpeg or gif.


If you wish to run an advertisement, please use the form below.

Our Communication Director will confirm if the advertisement fits the communication guidelines, advise you on space availability and when the ad can be placed. The Communication Director will also provide you with a quote for the costs of the ad.

Once your advertising has been approved, the Director, Communications will send you an advertising agreement, confirming all the details for the advertising and information for invoicing.

Our Virtual Assistant will send an invoice after the advertisement has finished running.

Advertising Guidelines

The Chapter allows advertising for programs and services directly related to professional coaching when the advertising meets ICF Calgary’s Communication Guidelines, and when there is space available, either on the website or in a newsletter. A newsletter will typically not carry more than two advertisements. This gives each ad reasonable prominence and keeps our communications focused on our members.

To review ICF Calgary’s Communication Guidelines, use the button below.

The ICF Calgary Communication Director, a member of the Board of Directors, determines whether or not an advertisement is accepted.

Advertising Guidelines

Make a request for advertising