I am Dr. Sunaina Sharma, PCC and Director of the ICF Vancouver Charter Chapter Coach-Giving Leadership Portfolio (CGLP) – we have an opportunity we would like to share with our Provincial colleagues.

The CGLP matches ICF credentialed Coaches with emerging leaders from a diverse range of non-profit organizations.

Our program has been applauded by ICF Global for the past 2 years, we are proud of the strides we have made and elated that the good word has spread…and spread. We have found ourselves in need of more Coaches. Can you help?

Coaches provide up to 8 hours of coaching, completed over a 6 to 8-month period and in return, Coaches are provided with an honorarium of $150 for each Coachee that they coach – yes, a Coach may request more than one. Engagements are recognized as paid client coaching hours and can be applied towards credentialing.

Coaches have experienced personal growth and business benefits as a result. What they have shared:

  • I’ve gained confidence as a spokesperson for the coaching profession.
  • This was a great opportunity to “go public” and share awareness of coaching in a community that may not ordinarily have access to this empowering process.
  • Helped to develop my coaching businesses; opportunities to continue with coaching engagements through my private practice after the CGL program completed.
  • I received referrals through my connections – this was a boost to my coaching business.

Interested in making a difference? First step, upload your bio. Tell Coachees what makes you unique!

Ready to begin Phase 2, we invite you to submit a 200-word bio, headshot and coaching specialties:


PASSWORD: icfv2018

I look forward to connecting with you. Questions? Please contact me at coachqivinq@icfvancouver.ca


With best regards,

Sunaina Sharma, MSc, PhD, LLB, LLM, PCC

Director of the ICF Vancouver Charter Chapter Coach-Giving Leadership Portfolio (CGLP)