What is the Future of Coaching?

Each year at the AGM, ICF Calgary Board and Scholarship Selection Committee announce the year's recipient of the Diane Bonneau Development Scholarship valued at $500 (CDN). The scholarship is intended to support the ongoing professional development of Calgary-based coaches, to expand their knowledge around core coaching competencies and related areas of study. Our December 2016 award recipient, Wilma [...]

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Calgary’s Newest Master Certified Coach!

A member of our Calgary coaching community,  Jenn Lofgren, has achieved the designation of Master Certified Coach (MCC). The designation is awarded to executive coaches after undergoing a rigor Jenn Lofgren, MCC ous accreditation and testing program through the International Coach Federation. Jenn now joins the ranks of only 54 Master Certified Coaches [...]

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ICF Learning Opportunities and Events

Did you know that as an ICF member, there are numerous opportunities to attend learning events virtually? There are a number of learning events advertised on the ICF Global website Events page on a variety of topics. You can get CCEUs and/or Resource Credits for many of the courses. Some courses have a fee and [...]

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What Is Imposter Syndrome And Why Should I Care?

April 20, 2017 Breakfast Meeting If you are coaching corporate leaders and business owners, be aware that they may inwardly believe they do not deserve their success or status. Individuals who experience impostor feelings often doubt their capabilities and fear they will be found out as the fakes they believe themselves to be. Impostor Syndrome [...]

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Organizational Coaching

April 12 Dinner Meeting What’s it like to coach within an organization? How can you get your “foot in the door?” How can you bring coaching into the organization you work for or with? It can be a challenge to show the value and benefits of coaching to potential sponsors within organizations. A Senior Leader [...]

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PERMA – A Wellbeing Model for the Good Life

March 16, 2017 Breakfast Event What is the good life? What does it mean to be happy? And what can I do differently today to lead a better life tomorrow? When Martin Seligman became the president of the American Psychological Association, he rallied for a paradigm shift towards a "better psychology", one which guides us [...]

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