Did you know that one of the Strategic Directions of the ICF Board of Directors is

“To raise the awareness of the wider community about the coaching profession?” 

And linked to that goal, the Membership Survey identified this goal:

“Increase our partnership with associations and conferences to help expand the value of coaching and spread the word of ICF Calgary.“


The ICF Calgary Board of Directors continues to act on opportunities that have the potential to create strategic alliances and raise awareness about Coaching.  As a result, ICF Calgary joined with ICF Edmonton to take part in The Canadian Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) annual conference.  The conference brought together over 1000 Human Resource professionals from across Alberta.

In February, Erin Waddell, Margaret Miyagishima, and Colleen Lewis, representing the committee, kicked it off with a pre-conference webinar, “Coaching ROI: Realistic Organizational Improvement”.  The webinar was well attended by over 200 CPHR members.

During the conference, volunteers from ICF Edmonton and ICF Calgary were onsite at the Calgary TELUS Convention Center, building knowledge about Coaching and its’ impact.  Conference delegates dropped by the ICF booth, dropped off a card, subscribed to the newsletter, received information about Day with the Masters, and asked questions.  It was an exciting and amazing few days!

We were fortunate to receive funding from ICF Global to defray the costs of the booth and provide ICF materials and displays to share with delegates at the conference.   Your membership fees to ICF Global make these opportunities become reality!!


Many thanks to our volunteers!
Kerry Black, President-Elect