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Board of Directors

Board of Director Nominations 2019

Kerry Black
Kerry BlackPresident

Kerry is a leadership development specialist and executive coach working primarily with new and emerging leaders in education and not-for-profit organizations.

Kerry is the founder of Black Ink Coaching and Consulting. Prior to becoming a coach, Kerry held roles in public education as a teacher, Principal, and Leadership Consultant. Kerry holds a Masters Degree in Teaching and Learning (University of Calgary), a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching (Royal Roads University), and Certificates in Adult and Community Education and Human Resource Management to her clients.  Kerry is an engaging speaker and presents locally and internationally about the impact of coaching on individuals and organizations.

When she is not coaching, Kerry is an avid quilter and novice watercolour painter, Masters swimmer and hiker.  She loves to travel and learn about the countries she visits.

Ed Temple
Ed TempleVice President

Ed Temple MA, CEC, PCC

Ed is an Executive Coach who brings focus on developing leaders and teams for greater results. With a strong emphasis on strength based coaching Ed helps leaders see what is possible in the midst of high demands and challenging environments. Expanding leadership capacity, entrepreneurial creativity, strategic thinking and change management is what Ed focuses on to help clients attain goals and enhance effectiveness.

Ed is an Associate Coach with Essential Impact ( a 5-time Prism award winning coach training company. Through Essential Impact, Ed is actively involved in creating coaching cultures through coach training for executive leaders.

Ed has successfully launched the SEEDS (Social Enterprise Execelerator Development System) program in Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver and serves a diverse range of leaders through this training. Ed has served a wide range of clients from oil and gas, business owners, non-profit executives, boards, social entrepreneurs, faith-based organizational leaders, HR executives and entrepreneurs. Along with a diverse range of clients, Ed has also coached leaders in the US, UAE, Malaysia, China, Cambodia and from across Canada.

Married to Hannah with three young kids keeps Ed happily busy and engaged at home. He enjoys hiking, hospitality and being a foodie all with Hannah. He particularly delights in spending time with his young children.

Rehana Meghani
Rehana MeghaniMembership Director

Rehana is an executive, leadership coach and consultant who works with medium to large organizations. She is dedicated to solving challenges in the workplace by helping leaders to identify problems, conceptualize and apply solutions, and evaluate results.

Rehana works with her clients to overcome obstacles, set goals, increase motivation, enhance leadership skills, and create engagement. In addition to being a coach, Rehana is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist who is experienced in assessments, facilitation, training and development, and survey design and evaluation. She strives to create supportive partnerships with executives, business owners, and leaders in order to explore their passion and strengths and reach their individual potential. Rehana has completed the Art and Science of Coaching from Erickson International.

Rehana has a Ph.D. in Applied Organizational Psychology from Hofstra University in New York; an MA in Psychology from the New School for Social Research in New York; and a BA in Psychology and Sociology from MacEwan University in Edmonton.

Darrah Wolfe (PCC)
Darrah Wolfe (PCC)Director Communication and Event Promotion

Darrah Wolfe is a successful coach (PCC), facilitator, speaker and believe it or not an innovative optimization engineer (P.Eng). It’s Darrah’s background as an engineer that makes her a bit of an outlier because she now delivers positive psychology infused coaching and consulting that supports her clients to thrive in life and business. It was in the planning of $80 Million Dollar capital projects that Darrah began to observe her engineering efforts were overlooking an important factor: the people.

Driven to understand the strengths and experiences that enable individuals to perform at their best, Darrah completed Newfield’s accredited coach training program and went on to graduate with a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from the University of Pennsylvania.

With experience coaching for multi-national social media, pharmaceutical, financial services, entertainment and sustainable energy companies, Darrah connects remotely with her clients from all over the world to help them thrive with clarity, purpose, and passion.

Colleen Lewis, ACC
Colleen Lewis, ACCPrograms Director

Colleen has partnered with organizations and leaders for over 25 years to support transformational shifts to high performing “everyone” organizations through leadership development and strategic alignment that inspires and engages individuals to embrace change, capitalize on opportunity, and leverage talent to establish future sustainability.

Earning her degree in Organizational Development from Athabasca University and certificated in Group and Team Coaching, Potentials Realized, she has a unique interest in cultivating organizational coaching cultures.  As a Practitioner in the National Managers Community, Government of Canada, she coached, developed, and mentored individuals to achieve their highest potential.

Colleen is co-founder of the Whole Hands on Leadership and Engagement Community of Practice (WHOLE) and Leadership Perspectives Community of Practice, both are forums of collaboration for creating innovative tools and practices for sharing to support the evolution of leadership.

As a Mentor with the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, Colleen shares her knowledge and experiences to support students in their growth and development, but more importantly, she learns from her mentees!

Her raison d’être is to partner with leaders, organizations, and individuals to maximize human capacity and organizational capabilities to support and advance human and business capital.

Angela Braun
Angela Braun Secretary

Angela’s life and coaching practice are based on her personal value system: time is your most valuable asset.

Angela is a business and productivity coach who supports growing entrepreneurs optimize their time and streamline their business with simplicity.

Angela is passionate about supporting busy leaders develop a healthy relationship with time, find clarity and vision and focus with laser precision on what drives results.

Before coaching, Angela had twenty years of experience working in the corporate world. Her expertise in leadership, employee engagement, organizational efficiency and multiple projects spanning technology, global construction developments and live marketing make her a dynamic professional skilled at taking in the big picture to find optimal, creative solutions.

Angela is a certified coach through Coach Training Alliance (CTA), Project Management Professional (PMP) with multiple certifications in Marketing, Public Relations, Event Production and Aviation Management (AvMP).

She has also served on multiple corporate and not-for-profit boards nationally and internationally.

Rabee Alwan
Rabee AlwanExternal Relations Director

Rabee Alwan, P.Eng., PMP

Rabee is an Engineer turned Life Coach with a passion for compassion. His life purpose is creating serenity and his mission is to help inspiring people remember how inspiring they are. He is a passionate person that believes in living life fully and that there is always a way to achieve something – regardless of how difficult or impossible, it may seem!

In addition to his coaching, Rabee has a vision of transforming Calgary into Canada’s most compassionate city. This vision is what inspired him to start the #compassionateYYC movement. By having and expressing more compassion in our lives, Rabee believes that we can make Calgary more resilient, more inclusive, and more accessible.

Rabee is a Computer Engineering graduate from Queen’s University. He worked in the Oil and Gas industry in Calgary as an engineer for 15 years before becoming a coach. He holds designations as a Professional Engineer (through APEGA), as a Project Management Professional (through PMI), and is a professionally trained ontological coach through Accomplishment Coaching.

Rabee enjoys dreaming big and testing limits and has three kids that also enjoy dreaming big and testing limits – just ask his wife! He is also a runner, a Spartan, a self-taught guitar and ukulele player, and speaks several languages.

Sue Williams-Brawn ACC, PACG
Sue Williams-Brawn ACC, PACGVolunteer Director

Sue Williams Brawn, ACC, PACG, became the first credentialed ADHD coach in Alberta upon graduating from the ADD Coach Academy in 2016. She has her own practice, Fresh Start Coaching, with a focus on supporting individuals with ADHD to move forward in life with purpose and passion. She is also the first ADHD Coach to be contracted by CanLearn, a Calgary based non-profit that serves children and adults with ADHD and learning disabilities, and together they successfully launched the first in-house ADHD Coaching service to Alberta.  She is also a recognised academic strategist for the University of Calgary.

Sue began her coaching career in 2011 as a personal development coach after completing the Newfield Ontological Coach Training Program at the University of Calgary. She started Fresh Start Coaching in 2012.

Prior to her coaching career, Sue was a marketing and communications specialist for several non-profit organizations in the city. She graduated from the University of Calgary with a BA in English Literature and has a diploma in Public Relations from MRC. She has been actively engaged as a volunteer with various non-profits including Volunteer Calgary, Social Venture Partners, the Provincial Mental Health Boards, and Storefront 101, for the past 25 years.

Clint White
Clint WhiteTreasurer

Clint’s life and his coaching practice are founded on his personal credo: Live Deliberately.

Drawing on his experience as a CFO working in the C-suite and in leading over $2 billion in financing and corporate transactions, Clint helps leaders achieve the personal satisfaction and superior business results that are the product of conscious leadership. Clint supports and challenges leaders to Live Deliberately – developing personal awareness, enlightenment, clarity, and vision – and then to Lead Deliberately – acting with purpose, accountability and courage to achieve greater results than previously envisioned.

Clint holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary, a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University, and is also a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA-CA).

When not engaged in coaching, Clint enjoys time “off-the-grid”: hiking, backpacking, canoeing, fly-fishing, downhill and cross-country skiing, cycling, and practising the seemingly opposite arts of yoga and hockey.

Larissa Thurlow, PCC
Larissa Thurlow, PCCSpecial Events Director
Larissa is a learning and development professional specializing in internal coaching, leadership development, employee engagement and culture building.

She has dedicated herself to helping leaders create meaning in their own lives and in their organizations, which results in motivated employees, customer commitment and improved bottom-line performance.

Larissa brought coaching to the Higher Education world in Doha, Qatar by designing a coaching program for leaders at all levels and has also worked in Japan, China, and Australia. She holds a Master’s of Distance Education (Athabasca University), an undergraduate degree in Anthropology (University of Victoria) a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching (Royal Roads University).

Larissa holds a Level 3 Award in Workplace Coaching for Leaders and Managers from the Institute of Leadership and Management and the ICF ACC credential.

Sidney Craig Courtice
Sidney Craig CourticeDirector-at-Large
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Sidney Craig Courtice, PCC, Certified Mentor Coach

MEd (Workplace Learning and Leadership)

Sidney is a Team & Leadership Coach working with people in organizations as they become more engaged, inclusive, and effective.  Her approach is strengths-based, built on the sturdy foundation of people’s natural abilities, inspiring better communication, expanded awareness of diversity and inclusion, and more effective team relationships. She veered off the consultant path and was employed for almost 10 years with nonprofits in immigrant serving and poverty reduction agencies where she designed curriculum, mentored facilitators, and managed a community development department.

Sidney has a Master’s degree in Workplace Learning and Leadership and is certified to facilitate several programs that offer teams and leaders a springboard for deeper insights, including Gallup’s StrengthsFinder®, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)®, Intercultural Development (IDI)® Inventory, Team Coaching International Assessments, and Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i2.0 and EQ360).

Jacklynn Holmes
Jacklynn HolmesPresident Elect
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Jacklynn Holmes is an enthusiastic and passionate coach trained as an Ontological, Organizational Relationship Systems and Team Performance coaching. She is recognized for her exemplary skills as an educator, facilitator, coach and change catalyst over the past three decades. Jacklynn’s contagious enthusiasm helps drive clients to deliver on personal, team and organizational results through awakening emotional intelligence, developing systems intelligence and accessing new levels of personal leadership. She is fervently committed to supporting leaders by delivering an integrative leadership approach using a blend of change leadership, continuous improvement, organizational agility and systems intelligence for an end-goal of shifting mindsets and behaviours that translate action into results!

At the City of Calgary, Jacklynn served as a coach and change resource on the Service Plans & Budgets and the Connect4 projects for Corporate Initiatives and Finance. Later, she served Customer Service & Communications (CSC) where she coached leaders in landing CSC in its new model. Jacklynn has completed Team Coaching for various teams in CSC, Supply Management and others. Currently, Jacklynn provides 1:1 coaching to leaders throughout the City. In 2017, Jacklynn was nominated for a One Calgary Award in Corporate Innovation for her work on the CSC SDI project team.

Prior to developing her change and coaching expertise, Jacklynn served in many leadership and team building roles across Western Canada. As a former external Director, consulting entrepreneur and coach, Jacklynn has coached and consulted with a wide variety of clients in government, oil and gas, retail, airlines, printing and publishing, universities and banks helping clients realize change. Through individual and executive coaching, targeted facilitations and workshops, clients increase their skills and find new ways to meet personal goals and organizational objectives. Jacklynn also demonstrates a keen ability to interact successfully within multiple levels of leaders and functional groups throughout organizations specializing in agile software development, large scale operational and systems change and reorganizations.

Jacklynn is certified in the Newfield Ontological Coaching (NOCC) from the University of Calgary and has achieved ACC coaching status from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). With an MBA in strategy as well as an Organizational Change Leadership Certificate (OCMC) from MRU, she teaches in the Change program at MRU and Coaching in the Change program for the University of Calgary. Jacklynn is trained in Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), and recently completed a certification in Team Performance Coaching (CTPC) from northern California. She co-facilitates for Alberta Justice serving high conflict families in divorce and separation, providing workshops to families on personal and relationship communication (FOCIS on Communication). Jacklynn is an active ICF Calgary member and Board member for Calgary’s Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP).