The U.S. crackdown on immigrants, the tragic shooting of people in prayers in a Mosque in Quebec City, and the random shootings of innocent people by angry and racist people have instilled fear and divisiveness around the world. As coaches, we have an opportunity to help people respond and move beyond this fear. Our clients often reach out to us to help them develop better relationships so we are perfectly positioned to take a critical role in modeling and inspiring the skillset, mindset, and “heartset” that is required for more functional and peaceful relationships. This is some of the most powerful work we can do because the research tells us that a key antidote to fear, anger and violence lies in our ability to build safe and connected relationships in our homes, workplaces and communities.

Dr. Jacqueline Peters has spent years talking and writing about the research behind high performance teams and relationships and what it takes to make them great. In this session, Jacqueline moves beyond the research and shares her own compelling, personal journey of truly accessing the heart behind the science of high performance relationships. Her story will help you think about how to move yourself and your clients to the mindset and “heartset” required to transform from merely tolerating diversity to embracing a feeling and mindset of true inclusion. This session invites all of us as coaches to expand even more fully into helping ourselves and our clients to create even greater peace and inclusion in the relationships and world around us.

About Dr. Jacqueline

Dr. Jacqueline Peters collaborates with teams and leaders to maximize their impact and results. Drawing upon wisdom and knowledge gained from over 20 years of experience as a leadership coach and organizational effectiveness specialist, Dr. Jacqueline Petersshe inspires action and accountability when coaching clients to achieve higher performance. Jacqueline released her third book in 2015 called High Performance Relationships: The Heart and Science Behind Success at Work and Home. She speaks frequently on a variety of leadership and relationship topics and she has also written and published numerous articles and two additional books on team effectiveness: 50 Tips for Terrific Teams and High Performance Team Coaching.

Jacqueline has a doctorate in leadership development and executive coaching, with a specific focus on team coaching and effectiveness. She has worked as an internal leadership specialist for two major multi-national organizations and has worked with thousands of leaders and over a hundred teams as President of InnerActive Leadership Associates Inc. Jacqueline is also a relationship coach, trained in two different types of couples therapy. This diverse background and education provides her clients with tailored support to build high performance work and personal relationships and teams. She was on the founding Board of the Calgary Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and has also served as a past President for the organization.