The year is coming to a close before we know it.  We wanted to review the highlights of 2018 as it has been an amazing year.

We started with a review of the strategic objectives of the chapter:

  • Theme 1: Support Members as Professional Coaches                      
  • Theme 2: Member Community Building & Satisfaction   
  • Theme 3: Effective Operations for the Chapter Board                      
  • Theme 4: Leverage resources and technology  


The focus areas were:

  • Variety in Professional Development offerings (introducing online webinars and time of day)
  • Have at least one face to face event per quarter
  • Expand the communities of practice
  • Investigate a mentorship programme
  • Improve operations by using a collaboration tool to share project activities and documents
  • Having a president-elect role to help have continuity within board leadership
  • Leveraging the region best practices
  • More involvement of our volunteers



Professional Development:

  • Offered 37 events, 21 were online, and there were over 300 attendees providing an opportunity for all members to attend an event within our Calgary area and have planned more events to come into next year. This experiment provided results that will provide focus on the events next year.
  • Continued with the Leadership Community of Practice and have started a Senior Coaches community of practice pilot series
  • The Day with the Masters was successful in terms of an engaging experience for participants and ensuring were kept financially whole.
  • Next year’s Day with the Masters speaker is already booked for Oct – Dr. David Drake – look forward to seeing you there


  • The survey results indicate that our membership is very diverse and have varying needs. We will continue to offer variety and align the offerings with the needs of the various segments.  We plan to further our engagement with you
  • The mentorship programme was not a fit for this year. We will keep our initial work on this available and ask more about if this need exists
  • We expanded our engagement with a booth at the HR conference in Calgary


  • We used BaseCamp to collaborate, share documents, and assign action items. The board has come up with practices to leverage the tool.
  • The transition of our Virtual Assistant is complete and thanks to Jackie and Clint for making this transition possible as this is a vital part of our success
  • The president-elect role was a successful experience for the team. This structure will help with continuity on the board and help to keep up the momentum from one year to the next
  • We improved our financial practices by having a budget/forecast and tracking actuals so that we can make informed decisions and manage risk
  • We leveraged the region by sharing the zoom account, offering online events with the region and the chapters in Canada and reaching out to chapters for best practices on issuing CCEU’s, registration, and website concepts
  • We had a successful programs committee that included volunteers from the chapter. This was so successful that we have now added two more committees: the external relations committee and membership committee.  This will provide more opportunities for volunteers to support the chapter.
  • We also reduced our newsletter frequency to once a month and increased our presence on social media. So far in this experiment, we have discovered that LinkedIn is another format but that Facebook is not very popular within our membership.  We will look to continue to leverage technology to reach our members and support board operations


Thanks to everyone who was a part of the Calgary Charter Chapter experience this year, whether you are a member, a volunteer, a member of the board, or attend events when you can.  It has been an enriching experience to be able to give back and I look forward to seeing you next year.


Regards, Lisa (Outgoing President, 2018)